Specimen Type - Source of Specimen

Any tissue for gross and/or microscopic examination.

Collection Container

Prostate, Bladder, GI Biopsies (Zinc Formalin)
Skin, Other (10% Buffered Formalin)

Minimum Volume

Entire specimen in fixative.
Contact Customer Service (901) 542-6800 with questions regarding specimens too large for a fixative container.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

24 - 48 hours

Clinical History

Appropriate clinical History

Other Required Information

Label specimen with two identifiers, acceptable identifiers are: Patient Name, Date of Birth, Hospital Number, SSN, Chart Number or other unique random number. Please also include Source of Specimen when appropriate.

Patient Preparation

Appropriate aseptic site preparation.

Specimen Handling

Check fixative vial/collection device for expiration dates. Stable after fixative.